DA Money

In order to provide the visitors with top-quality servicing and convenience, the RFID-card based DA Money cashless payment solution was introduced at the Donbass Arena.

What is DA Money?

The system allows to make payments to purchase food inside the bowl, as well as at the Fan Café at Donbass Arena and at street-food outlets by taking advantage of a special payment tool – the DA Money card. A season ticket, FanID cards along with the cards of some special projects at the Donbass Arena (Orange Laces, Parafan Club) are also payment tools. Those visitors who do not hold any season cards or not involved in any of the above projects, can acquire a DA Money card from the stadium ticket office or the promoters inside the bowl.

Advantages of making payments with a DA Money card:

  • The order processing time at fast-food outlets shortens severalfold, all those willing to have a light meal can do so during a short 15-minute half-time break!
  • This payment method saves time and streamlines purchasing.
  • No note-exchanging issues arise.

How to purchase and top up the card?

The promoters who can be easily recognised by their green uniform featuring DA Money logo, deal with selling and topping up the cards at the arena. Besides, the card can be purchased at the ticket office of Donbass Arena.

A card is priced at UAH 10.

UAH 10 is the minimum advance amount to be paid in, whereas the maximum is UAH 2,000. Upon topping-up completion, the balance amount will be shown on a promoter’s special hand-held device. Should you face payment problems, please refer to the promoters.

How one can pay for goods and services using the card?

In order to, say, pay for something at a fast-food outlet, you are to:

  1. Place your card on the readout device.
  2. Order your food and drinks.
  3. Pay attention to the device’s screen readings to show the remained balance.
  4. Take the receipt from the fast-food outlet’s staff member to prove your purchase.

How to get your card balance amount back?

You can receive your card balance amount at the ticket office of Donbass Arena, which is open from 9.00 to 20.00 daily. Please bring your proof of identity (passport or driving licence), and the card itself.

What is the card validity term?

Your card is valid through 30/06/2015, it will be blocked thereafter. During the card validity term you can freely spend the balance amount whenever you visit the Donbass Arena.

You can learn more details from the promoters in the stadium or by contacting the Donbass Arena call centre on +38 062 388 88 83.