Cleaning Service DA, are always happy to professionally undertake all the work for cleaning your premises and office space. The Cleaning Service DA offers either one-off cleans or long-term contract based cleaning services.

Advantages of using Cleaning Service DA:

  1. Professional tools, the latest techniques and certified chemical cleaning which is more than sufficient for any elite stadium to be kept clean.
  2. All cleaning and scouring operations are carried out by top professionals to the utmost quality and safety standards. They can deal with any kind of contamination, and do so promptly and efficiently.
  3. By using the arena’s cleaning service staff you will obtain straightforward advice on how to clean your premises, after that an expert will visit you to estimate the cost of the services to be rendered, and will provide a quote, with all the requirements, preferences, deadlines and particulars taken into account.
  4. An Individual approach to every client and venue. You can brief us to undertake a major clean-up after renovation work, construction or a move, and also to clean individual rooms.

Cleaning Service DA guarantees observation of specific deadlines and individual preferences.

The Donbass Arena offers the full range of cleaning services to satisfy the requirements of any demanding customer:

1. Major clean-up

A major clean-up includes a complete package of thorough cleaning services, in other words, it is a kind of cleaning that makes any space look like new again. For that purpose only professional equipment is used, along with chemical agents which enable the removal of pollutions, heavy old stains of different origin, restore surfaces and apply protective coating.

Thorough cleaning is carried out by a team of up to 20 staff (depending on the scope of work) and supervised by a manager.

The work performed during thorough clean-up varies by case, though there is a general cleaning pattern to follow:
  • thorough vacuum cleaning of all carpeting;
  • mopping the floor using a special service cart and cleansers;
  • dusting the door assemblies;
  • dusting horizontal surfaces of work tables without moving documents and dedusting & clearing dirt from other places;
  • All-in one cleaning service and sanitising toilet and bathroom facilities:
    • wet cleaning of door frames;
    • dusting and shining mirrors and glass surfaces;
    • cleaning tiled walls, toilet bowls, rubbish bins, accessories;
    • scouring basins, open bathroom fittings;
    • emptying rubbish baskets and bins with further sponging;
    • rubbish removal;
  • removing dust and local impurities from mirrors and glass surfaces;
  • removing dust and dirt from windowsills, blinds, washing windows, open surfaces of wardrobes, cabinets, leather upholstery, electrical appliances, light switches, reading lamps, decor, sockets and framings;
  • dusting skirting boards;
  • wiping down shoe shining equipment and the related stands;
  • removing deep dirt from the floor of any type;
  • damp sweeping the hard-surface floors (lino, natural or artificial stone, tiling, parquet);
  • removing local dirt accumulations from waterproof walls;
  • polishing interior wood and glass surfaces;
  • removing carbon deposits and degreasing oven hobs, extractor fans, grease traps and other kitchen fittings;
  • removing oxidised coating and renewing the appearance of copper, brass and bronze items;
  • vacuuming upholstery.

2. After-builders or after-renovation cleaning service

  • Clean-up and rubbbish removal
    If you are undertaking major renovation or construction work, it would be worthwile to discuss the issue of rubbish removal with a manager from our cleaning service.
  • After builders clean before customer acceptance
    The turnkey all-in one cleaning by professionals will make any building fully suitable for use and living. After renovation or construction non-professional cleaning may damage the interior surfaces. Our experts have the know-how necessary for the right decision-making regarding application of chemical agents in every particular case, hence they will carefully remove residual glue, varnish and paint from any surface: tiles, glass, ceramics, wood etc.

3. Special services

  • Cleaning
    • glass;
    • windows, show windows;
    • cleaning office partitions;
  • chemical cleaning;
    • cleaning synthetic coverings, carpets;
    • upholstery cleaning;
    • removing stains and marks;
  • mopping floors;
    • dry and wet cleans;
    • dusting, polishing;
    • marble surface shining;
    • depositing polymer films (polishing).

4. Cleaning sanitary facilities

Cleaning sanitary rooms is one of the most in-demand clean-up operations. In order to attain a better result and to keep any space spick and span you need a regular clean-up . The experts from our cleaning company will carry out the all-inclusive clean-up of bathrooms, toilets and saunas.

Our bathroom cleaning list includes:
  • tile shining;
  • cleaning bathroom accessories;
  • cleaning urinals;
  • scrubbing toilets;
  • de-smelling;
  • removing mould;
  • disinfecting toilet facilities;
  • descaling, de-rusting.

Our contacts

Phone: + 38 067 543 10 63 (Natal’ya Korotetskaya, Cleaning Service Chief)