Children’s New Year parties

The Mystery of a New Year present is a fairy tale in which a well-known Mignon Chief Jerry steals the New Year gift, without which the New Year won’t come. Snegurochka and Dwarf Bom learn about it from the kids and find out what they need to do for the New Year to still come. For that, it is necessary to return the gift to the Kindest city. This is a city where everyone has the right to be free and happy in their own way, where there is certainly a place for creativity and miracles. But such a city does not exist, so the children will build it themselves. To build the City of dreams, they need to put a lot of work into it and pass some challenging tests (the activity areas, in which the children will earn Lego blocks for construction).

Our heroes overcome all obstacles with honour! Looking at how hard the children try, Mignon realizes that he did wrong, and decides to return the gift.

The gift turns out to contain a gift clock, which is missing on top of the Kindest city’s tower. All the characters together put the clock back there. It strikes a dozen times , and Dedushka Moroz shows up with gifts and dancing.

Celebration includes three parts:

  • activity areas;
  • New Year's interactive performance;
  • disco under the stars rain.

Each age category’s assignments and contests match age features.

At our celebration, the children will enjoy:

  • vivid shows by guest performers;
  • fun interactive contests and games;
  • children's workshops;
  • a gift from Dedushka Moroz for each child.

Join us for the parties on 29, 30 December and 05 January!

For information on ticket booking, please call +38 062 387 02 32 and +38 067 544 90 28.