New Record-Setting Benchmark

19-10-09 18:11:46

   Before now the 50,000 capacity was mentioned in the official documents and various materials describing the Donbass Arena. This figure was the bottom design capacity meant for the future arena. After the site commissioning by ENKA, the prime construction contractor, the data required certain updating quite naturally.

To finally adjust the arena capacity they have excluded a portion of seats (which were subject to removal due to arranging football TV broadcasts, fencing installations or for other technical reasons) from the total seating capacity.

The final count has shown that the total number of seats in the stadium is 51,504. This is the figure to be fixed as the official seat capacity of the Donbass Arena. It is necessary to point out that only 51,172 seats are for sale: general seats for spectators (47,171), VIP seats (3,133), the seats in the executive boxes (868).

The total of the seats for the press (brought down to 144) and of those for the people with disabilities and their carers (188) at level 3 constitute the difference between the number of seats for sale and the full capacity.

Such seating distribution in the stadium is intended for hosting the matches of the Ukrainian Premier League, the Ukrainian Cup and the UEFA Europa League. The quantitative distribution of spectator seats will change for the EURO 2012 matches: the Media Zone will expand and, the number of the seats for sale will be decreased (50,000).

The only thing left to remind of is that the matches to have set the attendance records have already been held at the Donbass Arena. The opening match hosting Kiev-based Obolon’ was attended by 42,800 visitors on 27 September which is the record quantity for the current season Premier League. The first UEFA Europa League match of Shakhtar against Partizan (Serbia) on 1 October also entered the squad’s history as the most attended home match of the ‘miners’ within European Cup tournaments. 49,480 spectators crowded the arena back then to tacitly become the attendance record for the Donbass Arena. Even more breathtaking matches will be held there soon, and, we are hopeful that another attendance record will be established shortly.

Donbass Arena Media Centre