Donbass Arena ticket office is temporarily closed

11-08-14 10:57:29

Dear supporters!

Please note that from Monday, August 11, the ticket office of Donbass Arena has temporarily suspended operation.
Unfortunately, the ticket office does not have the possibility to receive money and give it to the season ticket holders in connection with the resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 466 of August 6, 2014 on suspension of all kinds of financial transactions by financial institutions  in the settlements which are not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

“Board of the National Bank of Ukraine


August 6, 2014, Kyiv, No. 466

On the suspension of financial transactions

Given that according to the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 436 of July 23, 2014, the emergency mode of operation of the banking system is introduced in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts from July 24, 2014 in order to prevent danger to life and health of employees and customers of banks and to stabilize the banking system, in conformity with the Articles 3, 27, 99 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Articles 7 and 15 of the Law of Ukraine “On the National Bank of Ukraine”, the Article 66 of the “Law of Ukraine on Banks and Banking”, the Law of Ukraine “On Anti-Terrorism Effort”, the Section I of the Instructions for organizing the banking system’s emergency operations, approved by the resolution No. 435 of the National Bank of Ukraine of July 22, 2014, the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 405/2014 of April 14, 2014 “On the decision of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine" of April 13, 2014 “On the urgent measures to overcome terrorist threat and secure the territorial integrity of Ukraine", the National Bank of Ukraine rules as follows:

1 Ukrainian banks are to suspend all types of financial transactions in the settlements that are not controlled by Ukrainian authorities

Chairperson V.A. Hontareva
Ind. 25-1.”

This fact notwithstanding, FC Shakhtar guarantees refunds to the supporters who have purchased the 2014/15 season tickets. Refunds will be given at the earliest opportunity.

The resumption of operation of Donbass Arena’s ticket office will be announced on our website additionally.

FC Shakhtar
Press Office