Alexandr Atamanenko says goodbye to Donbass Arena

11-07-14 10:28:43

On 11 July, Alexandr Atamanenko ended his cooperation with Donbass Arena. He has worked as CEO for six and a half years, creating and then heading a large team of one of the best stadiums in Europe.

An ability to find a common language with colleagues, friendliness, professionalism allowed Alexandr to create a great team of specialists. Everything that impresses today at Donbass Arena has a piece of soul of its CEO.

Under the leadership of Alexandr Atamanenko, Shakhtar’s home stadium was awarded the prestigious awards in a variety of categories. Donbass Arena was recognized by UEFA as the best venue of the Euro 2012, won the Safety & Security Award for exemplary management during the storm at the Euro 2012 match between France and Ukraine, was awarded a special prize from the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) for the special contribution in improving the availability of football for fans with disabilities, won the Project of the Year, which was held by the official portal of IT-Directors of Global CIO based on the results of 2012. And it is only fraction of titles, which Donbass Arena was awarded together with Atamanenko.

We sincere and heartily thank Alexandr for the years of work for the benefit of Shakhtar and wish him success at the new stage of his career!

FC Shakhtar
Press Office