Media Centre Services

On non-match days the Conference Hall and the press facilities are available for holding private and corporate media events, briefings, presentations, promotional events, seminars, training sessions, conferences etc.

The Media Centre offers the following services:

  • inviting journalists to an event;
  • press and TV monitoring of the past event;
  • making press announcements and press releases;
  • mailing press anouncements and press releases using our extensive media database;
  • production of press kits and presentation folders;
  • slide show production for presentations;
  • making video clips;
  • professional and digital photo and video shooting (it is possible to duplicate the material shot and record it on any media);
  • room branding (placing advertising boards and information, displays of any format onto walls);
  • arranging transfers for guests and escorting them to the venue.

Additional services provided by the Media Centre:

  • audio recording of an event;
  • video report (the video quality makes it possible for you to further use it for making clips, programmes, films);
  • translator;
  • mailing press releases using our complete Media database and publishing them on the stadium’s official website.