Media Centre profile

The total area of the media space exceeds 1,500 sq.m. Special rooms for the media (one large and one small), videographers, photographers and intrpreters are available there, along with a bib distribution room, camera storage, media café, first-aid post and restrooms.

Press Box (Media Box)

The Media Box is situated on Tier 1 in the middle of the West Stand (Zone A, Levels 2-3). The number of seats provided to journalists at the Ukrainian Premier League matches is 144. This seating capacity can be increased to 1,159, whereof 424 seats are meant for the print media representatives, 432 - for broadcast journalists, 168 – for TV observers. 45 commentary positions are at the disposal of 135 commentators. The West Stand spectator seats can be easily transformed into another 76 commentary positions to meet the UEFA requirement of 100 commentary positions for holding the UEFA Champions League final.

Conference Room

The Conference Room is located in between the stadium’s westside Levels 1 and 2.

One can access it by using a special individual Media Entrance, the Media Tunnel and from the underground Media Parking.

The below options are at journalists’ disposal:

  • a 180-seater conference hall with easy-to-use folding tables. Its floor area is 283.2 sq.m;
  • top table for 6 people or more;
  • perfect lighting and acoustics for professional photo or video shooting;
  • special elevated platform for TV cameras;
  • a state-of-the-art conference system with the option of interpreting into 5 languages;
  • wide retractable projection screen 4 х 6m;
  • projector for multimedia presentations;
  • 4 HDTV screens for displaying video in any format;
  • media zones which are Wi-Fi enabled throughout;
  • flip chart;
  • teleconferencing option (live TV link-up);
  • live online broadcasting of press conferences via the Donbass Arena website.

On non-match days the Conference Room can be used for holding conferences and corporate events. You can learn the booking terms & conditions in the Conference Service section.

Media Working Room

An area of 352.8 sq.m has been allocated for journalists’ operation and relaxation (Media Working Area) at Level 2 (Zone А, Level 2) of the stadium. The Media Café is located inside the Media Working Area. Water, tea and coffee are served to the accredited journalists free of charge there.

Mixed Zone

After the match, the journalists will have an opportunity to talk to footballers and other event officials within the stadium’s spacious 200 sq.m Mixed Zone. It is situated at Level 1, adjoining the footballers’ tunnel. Please note that accreditation is also required in the Mixed Zone.

TV Studios

Several TV studios are available throughout the arena: 4 working studios (on Level 1) and 4 panoramic ones (on Level 5). The first four are adjacent to the Mixed Zone, they are meant for brief radio or TV interviews, the rest are for pre-match reports and live match broadcasts.

Flash Zones

Two flash zones are designated for the so-called flash interviews during the half-time break and after the final whistle. They are located on each side of the pitch access area (right behind the players’ tunnel, between the tunnel and the dressing rooms).

Car Park

Three parking lots are designated for the media in the stadium’s car parks on the match days: a west-side Р5 (an underground parking), Р3 in the south and Р1 in the north. OB Van Area and space for special vehicles are located on the stadium’s south-western side.