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Phone: +38 062 387 02 28

Accreditation for Shakhtar matches

Accreditation for Shakhtar’s home matches within the Premier League and Cup of Ukraine, as well as for the European cup matches is carried out by the FC Shakhtar Press Office, the same office also distributes the accreditation passes.

By addressing the Media Centre at the stadium you can receive an accreditation pass to the Media Parking.

Information regarding the accreditation process can be found on the club’s official website: They also specify the deadline for submitting request forms. The requests for accreditation must be forwarded via the ‘My Page’ section of the club’s official website only (please also note that only registered users will be able to submit their request forms). You will be informed of the status of your application along with details of the time and place for collecting your accreditation pass via the e-mail address indicated in your request form.

Accreditation pass enables a media representative to move around the stadium’s media areas, be present in the post-match press conferences, take photographs, make videos and visit the open training sessions of FC Shakhtar.

Entry opens for the mass media two hours before kickoff. Journalists can occupy any vacant seats in the press box. The login and password for the high-speed wi-fi internet access will be provided on match day.

Photographers and videographers should note they will be required to receive bibs from the bib storage & distribution room in order to work during a match.

Event accreditation

The Media Centre distributes accreditation for all the events held at the Donbass Arena (except the home matches of FC Shakhtar and the fixtures of the Ukrainian national team). To apply for accreditation you can either send an email message to, or contact us on +38 062 387 02 28.