Wedding is a door to a new world; it is a joy, expectations and dreams…This is the only event in which every detail is important, but the memories of it are kept for many years, captured in photos and videos, as well as in the hearts of all guests...

An exclusive wedding venue will tell about its uniqueness. The stadium’s event team will offer you thousands of ideas for creating your own fairy tale and will make the celebration memorable, original and holistic, with every detail being taken into account. That’s how you and your guests will remember it. Stories about your wedding will be passed down by word of mouth for a long time...

Entrust the organisation of your wedding to a professional team of Donbass Arena and enjoy your love and communication with dear guests of the celebration on this day!

Applications for holding events are accepted via:

Phone: +38 067 620 57 33

You can watch samples of wedding photo shoots at the Donbass Arena here.

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