Fast-food outlets

53 fast-food outlets are open for visitors during football matches and other public events on the stadium’s Levels three, four, six and seven. They vary in size, fitting and the selection of food and beverages on offer.

Smaller outlets (20) are located on the stadium’s Levels three, six and seven. They differ from the others in that their floor area is smaller (from 17 to 27 sq.m) and they have no special equipment for cooking hot snacks. At the above points one can purchase:

  • hot and cold drinks (beer, water, juices, tea, coffee);
  • snacks (peanuts, crisps, sunflower seeds);
  • sweet treats (Super Kontik biscuits, chocolates).

Medium fast-food outlets (23) are all over the stadium’s Levels three, four and six. Their floor area vary from 20 to 40 sq.m. They are fitted with the ovens alllowing to cook some of the hot stuff available on the menu. At such outlets one can also purchase ham sandwiches, hamburgers, cheesburgers and pop corn in addition to the usual snacks and beverages.

Large fast-food outlets (10) are situated on the Levels three, four and six. Their floor area covers from 53 to 111 sq.m. They have all essential equipment and the widest selection of food and drinks. The menu of large fast food outlets feature pizza and hot dogs among other tasty treats.

Even greater variety of food items are offered by the fast-food outlets near the school and family enclosures. The School Club outlet offers paned confectionery, sweet rolls, milk chocolate and ice cream, while the Family Club one treats little fans to lunch boxes with gifts inside. They do not sell beer in the above-mentioned areas though.

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