An extract from the Stadium Code of Conduct clause of the Donbass Arena Ground Regulations

4.4. In the stadium visitors are FORBIDDEN from:

4.4.1. . Repetitive passing the turnstiles into the stadium building during one and the same event using the same ticket/season ticket.
4.4.2. Independent moving from the zone indicated on the ticket to another stadium zone within external or internal perimeter or inside the stadium without a special pass or a steward’s instructions.
4.4.3. Throwing any objects onto the stands, FOP, spectators, match participants.
4.4.4. Entering FOP, dressing rooms for players, referees, match delegates, premises for officials, VIP boxes, other designated areas in the stadium.
4.4.5. Using open fire and fireworks regardless of their type and purpose.
4.4.6. Carrying and displaying signs, symbols and other markings of fascist and racist nature, banners and merchandise featuring provocative content.
4.4.7. Making propaganda and conduct campaign if causing any social, racial, political, national or religious hatred.
4.4.8. Taking any action which can cause aggression or trigger a conflict.
4.4.9. Using foul language, abusive expressions, gestures, as well as threats and intimidation against other spectators and match participants.
4.4.10. Discriminating against footballers, coaches, referees, other officials and spectators because of their nationality or race.
4.4.11. Obstructing gangways, access ways, entries and exits, stairways; interfere with movement of visitors, attending staff, event participants.
4.4.12. Climbing seats, fencings, blockings, load-bearing structures in the stadium.
4.4.13. Smoking.
4.4.14. Doing harm to the property of DA, footballers, officials and spectators.
4.4.15. Making any inscriptions or drawings on the stadium’s buildings, structures and facilities.
4.4.16. Bringing animals (including fish, insects and birds) with the exception of guide dogs.
4.4.17. Using any professional photo and video equipment.
4.4.18. Using emergency communication, manual fire alarms unless necessary.
4.4.19. Sell, otherwise distribute goods of marketing, promotional, political, religious or racist nature.
4.4.20. Watch an event in a standing position (except while in the Fan Stand).
4.4.21. It is prohibited to bring into the stadium: Drugs and toxic substances. Alcoholic or soft drinks in any package. Weapons of any type and objects that can be used as weapons. Stabbing or cutting items. Objects which may be used as projectiles: cane umbrellas, helmets, bottles, cups, jugs or jars, incl. cans, other items made of glass or any other fragile or breakable material, polyester, hard objects, as well as empty or full Tetra Pak-like packaging. Smoke canisters, flares, sparklers, firecrackers and any other fireworks. Dyes. Fire-hazardous, flammable, explosive, poisonous and strongly smelling substances. Radioactive materials. Gas or any other aerosols. Laser devices. Bulk items of the size exceeding 25 х 25 х 25 cm. For safety reasons the DA administration can deny visitors carrying bags, packs, rucksacks etc. of any size access to the stadium, allowing them to hand in the above items to storage room. Horns, vuvuzelas, drums, loudhailers and any other similar items, audio- and video recording devices, professional photo and video equipment, special webcasting appliances. Flags, draper and banners of a size over 2 х 1.5 m.
4.4.22. Touting tickets for football matches is strictly prohibited.

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