Management team

Vadim Gun’ko

Acting CEO

Vadim has held the post since July 2007.
v In 1999, Mr Gun’ko embarked on a career in insurance business, going all the way through from a specialist to the branch director of a large insurance company. During 2001-2005 he gained experience in construction and reconstruction fields as Chief Engineer and Deputy Director. During 2005-2007: Construction Supervision Engineer at Cargill Industrial Complex LLC (subsidiary of CARGILL, INC., USA). From March 2007: Head of the Engineering Service, Sports Facilities Department at FC Shakhtar ZAO.

Vadim graduated with honours from Donbass State Academy for Construction and Architecture with a degree in Industrial & Civil Construction in 1998. He also completed a Master’s course with honours at the same Academy a year later.

In 2009, he successfully completed a full training course in stadium management at the Amsterdam Arena Advisory training centre (Netherlands).

Andrei Sanin

Head of DA Advisory consulting department

Andrei has held the post since February 2012.

From 1996 to 2000, he worked at the Sverdlovsk Machine Building Works as an electronics engineer. Then, he became the Head of CAM department.

From August 2000 to February 2012 he worked at AMI SPE (he progressed from the head of the marketing department position to the post of the director of an AMI Computers branch. Then he occupied the post of the director of the training centre AMI Networking Academy).

In 1996, Andrei graduated from the Faculty of Automation and Control in Engineering Systems of Donetsk State Technical University with a degree in Systems Engineering.

In 2001, he successfully completed the ‘Technology of Effective Promotion and Marketing of Goods and Services’ training course at Kyiv School of Public Relations.

In June 2003, he successfully completed the ‘Strategy and Marketing’ training course of Intron consulting company.

In 2005, he studied management in Belgium and England as part of the European Union Tacis Manager's Training Program 3.

Dmitriy Kirilenko

Commercial Director

Dmitriy has held the post since 2013.

In 1999-2000, he worked as instructor at Physical Training & Sports Committee of Zaporozhye Oblast State Administration. From August 2001 until May 2009 Mr Kirilenko headed the Sales Department at FC Shakhtar. During June-September 2009 he was in charge of Stadion Shakhtyor Ltd Commercial Department. From September 2009 to June 2011 - Commercial Director of Donbass Arena. Since April 1, 2013 – he has combined the duties of Commercial Director of FC Shakhtar and Donbass Arena Ltd.

In 2001, Mr Kirilenko graduated from Zaporozhye Institute of State and Municipal Management with a degree in Law. In 2006, he graduated from Donetsk National University with a Master of Economics degree. In 2013 he graduated from the Johan Cruyff Institute (Barcelona), Football Management degree.

Awards and achievements:
Medal for Excellent Work and Virtue.
Master of Sports of Ukraine in swimming, Ukraine’s swimming champion 1999

Dmitriy Teplyakov

Director of Information Technology Department

Holds the post since September 2009.

From 2000, he worked as a systems administrator at Farlep Telecom CJSC.

Since 2003, Dmitriy has been employed at FC Shakhtar.

From February 2009, he was heading the Information Technology Department at the Donbass Arena stadium.

In 2000, Dmitriy graduated with honours from the Donetsk State Technical University, with a degree in Control and Automation Systems.

In 2008, he passed the first course at the Open University, UK, under the Professional Manager programme to receive a certificate in Management. In the same year, Dmitriy completed a training course for a CCNA certificate from Cisco academy. And in 2013, he passed the second stage of education at the Open University and got a professional diploma in Management.

Awards and achievements:
The winner of the all-Ukrainian competition the Best CIO 2010 (Media and Entertainment)
The winner of the all-Ukrainian competition the Best CIO 2012 (Hospitality)
The prize-winner in the Project of the Year 2012 held by the Global CIO official website for IT managers (Services, the project for creating a single internal service provider)

Svetlana Slobodyanyuk

Director of Human Resources & Organizational Development Department

Svetlana has held the post since 2009.

Svetlana started her HR career in 1995. Until 2002, she worked in the HR manager capacity at Ukr-Ros company. Ms Slobodyanyuk began her career at FC Shakhtar in June 2004 as Deputy Director for Human Resources. In February 2009, Svetlana Slobodyanyuk took over as Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development at the Donbass Arena. Since October 2011 she supervises joint HR function for both FC Shakhtar and Donbass Arena.

Svetlana earned a degree in History from Donetsk State University in 1998. In 2006, Ms Slobodyanyuk successfully completed the international professional development programme HRM-HRD (Human Resources Management & Development) at the Kyiv Mohyla Business School. In December 2008, Svetlana obtained the Professional Certificate in Management from the Open University, United Kingdom.

Sergei Burgela

Chief Security Officer

Sergei has held the position since October 2008.

Sergei served in various command roles in the USSR Army. Member of the fighting. For more than 15 years, Sergei Burgela occupied various senior command positions at special branches of Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk oblast. He has 20 years of extensive experience in ensuring public safety during football matches and other public events. The security personnel coach under the UEFA/ESSMA security programme.

From 2005 to 2008, Mr Burgela worked as head of security for various commercial organizations.

In 1988, he graduated with honours from Ordzhonikidze Higher Military Command School.
In March 2013, he graduated from KROK University of Economics and Law and received a master’s degree in management of financial and economic security, qualification - professional in the financial and economic security.

In 2009, he successfully completed the Training Program in Stadium Management at the Amsterdam Arena.

Konstantin Kirkaryan

Head of Event Services

Konstantin has held the post since 2009.

In 2001, he started his career as a TV presenter. In 2005, he was appointed the producer of the Ukraina TV channel programme production division. In March 2009, he received an invitation to head the Event Services at the Donbass Arena stadium.

In 2001, Konstantin graduated from Donetsk State Technical University with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Yelena Merezhko

Head of Catering

Yelena has held the post since October 2012.

In 1998, she embarked on a career in food retailing.

From August 2004, she managed different catering lines of Obzhora trading network, was engaged in the projects for launching, commissioning and upgrading bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants.

Since 2006, she served as Chief Operating Officer of Catering Department of Obzhora trading network.

Since July 2010, Yelena worked as a lead specialist of the Catering Service of Donbass Arena and Tribunelounge night club.

In 1998, she graduated with honours from Donetsk State University with a degree in Economic and Social Planning.

Andrei Babeshko

Head of Museum and Tours Department

Andrei has worked at FC Shakhtar since June 2000.

From 2005 to 2009, Andrei oversaw the Department of History and Archives at FC Shakhtar.

From February 2009 until July 2011, he was in charge of the media centre at the Donbass Arena stadium.

Currently, he has been in charge of FC Shakhtar TV group and the Museum & Tours Department.

Author of several books on the history and statistics of Shakhtar team.

In 1998, Andrei graduated with honours from Donetsk Institute of Economics and Humanities and earned a degree in Foreign Operations of Enterprises.
In 2001, he graduated with honours from Donetsk National University with a degree in Jurisprudence.

Nataliya Kurdinovskaya

Head of FRESH fitness centre

Nataliya has held the post since October 2009.

In 1981, Nataliya began working as an instructor at the sports committee of the Donetsk Oblast Executive Committee. She worked her way up from a physical education instructor and massage therapist to the athletics coaching instructor.

In 1998, she started working in the fitness industry as a gym and cycling instructor at Atletic fitness club.

In 2002, she took up her post as the fitness centre manager at Victoria hotel complex.

In 1986, she graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Physical Education with two degrees, in Athletics Coaching and Therapeutic Physical Training.

Awards and achievements:
Master of sports in the track and field pentathlon and heptathlon.
In March 2009, Nataliya was awarded the Medal of the Council of Tourism and Resorts of Ukraine ‘For Hard Work and Professionalism’

Eduard Melnik

Head of Administrative Services

Eduard has held the post since September 2012.

From 2001 to 2004 - Fleet Mechanic with Agroservis Ltd.
From 2004 to 2006 – Dongorbank Administration Department Dispatch Manager.
From 2007 to 2009 - Head of the customs bonded warehouse of Donetsk - Lada CJSC JV.
From 2009 to 2012 - Senior Specialist, Head of Transport Department of Administrative Services at the Donbass Arena stadium.

In 2006, Eduard graduated from Donetsk National Technical University, majored in Automobiles and Fleet.

Awards and achievements:
UEFA Medal ‘For Flawless Performance of Duties During EURO 2012’

Natal’ya Korotetskaya

Head of Cleaning Services

Natal’ya has held the post since November 2008.

In 1992, she began working in the office administration field.

From 2002 – housekeeping service coordinator at Victoria hotel complex.

From 2003 - in charge of housekeeping services at Victoria hotel complex.

From 2004, she was promoted from a manager to the head of hotel operations at Atlas.

In June 2012, Ms Korotetskaya obtained her degree in HORECA Enterprise Management at Donetsk Institute of Market & Social Policy.

Lyudmila Chelpan-Shumeiko

Head of Legal Services

Lyudmila has held the post since September 2009.

From 2001 to 2005, she worked at the Kalinin District Court of Donetsk as a Legal Secretary and then was promoted to the Assistant Presiding Judge.

During 2005-2008 - Legal Advisor at Donbassenergo Ltd and BIS-Holding Financial & Industrial Company JSC.

From January 2009 - Legal Advisor of operation department at Stadion Shakhtyor Ltd during the construction of FC Shakhtar’s new arena.

In 2005, Lyudmila earned her degree in Jurisprudence from the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise.