How to get there

The Donbass Arena is situated in the central part of Donetsk (Voroshilovskiy district) - in the area pertaining to Leninskogo Komsomola Leisure Park. Chelyuskintsev St. and Mira Ave. are within immediate vicinity of the stadium (westwards and southwards respectively).
Yunost’ youth palace, Shakhtar hotel, Olympiyskiy regional sports complex, Beliy Lebed’ shopping mall, Centaur Plaza business centre are within easy reach.

Krytiy Rynok bus stop is within walking distance (about 10 minute walk) from the stadium. One can arrive there by taking the following routes: No’s 13, 14, 16, 46а, 46б, 73б, 77.

From Railway Terminal

  • The visitors arriving to Donetsk by train can go to the stadium by tram No.1 (20-25 minutes to Prospekt Mira stop).

  • You can use No.2 route trolleybuses and buses (to go to Beliy Lebed’ Shopping Mall stop), trip time is 25-30 minutes.

  • You can also take a fixed-route taxi van (No’s 100, 46б) to bring you to the Donbass Arena in 15-20 minutes (to Prospekt Mira stop).

From the Airport one will have to follow the routes 9, 9а, 9б, 73а to Mira Ave. It will take you 35-40 minutes to get there by bus or trolleybus, and 25-30 minutes by fixed-route taxi van. You will need to walk further along the Mira Ave. until you reach Chelyuskintsev St. (a 15 minute walk).

It will take you some 20 minutes to get to Mira Ave. from Putilovskiy Bus Terminalby the direct routes 10, 25, 83.

From YuzhniyBus Terminal you will also need to go to Mira Ave. Any transport going by Universitetskaya Street or Mira Ave. to Krytiy Rynok Bus Terminal will be fine. It will take you about 15-20 minutes to reach there.

Public transport single trip fees:

  • tram, trolleybus or a municipal bus - UAH 1.
  • a fixed-route taxi van will cost within UAH 1.5-2.

Please pay attention to the fact that the Donbass Arena opens 2 hours prior to a match kickoff, thus you have an opportunity to occupy your seat in the bowl well in advance.