Facts & figures


  • Construction was launched on 27 June 2006 (corresponding contract signed with ENKA).
  • USD 400m was spent on the stadium construction and the surrounding park landscaping.
  • Over 160,000 m3 of concrete was cast into the building frame.
  • 12,295 tons of rebar was used for manufacturing the structure frame.
  • 458,761 m3 of soil was excavated to make the foundation pit.
  • 234,376 sq.m was the total construction site area (inclusive of mobilization areas).
  • About 1,200 km of cabling was laid for various systems.
  • 1,158 days passed since the construction start until the arena’s grand opening date.
  • The stadium was officially opened on 29 August 2009.


  • 52,667 is the total seating capacity of the stadium.
  • 290 seats for the media, whereof 152 seats for journalists and 138 seats for TV commentators (an aggregate of 46 commentary boxes).
  • 196 positions and seats for people with disabilities and their carers (104 and 92 respectively).
  • The stadium’s 44 corporate boxes can accomodate 915 people.
  • 180 media representatives can always feel at home at a spacious Conference Room at the arena.
  • All restaurants, bars and cafés at the stadium have a total of 1,830 covers.
  • The stadium has over 1,000 car parking spaces (245 of which are underground).
  • It takes the spectators less than an hour to occupy all their seats in the stands.
  • It takes the visitors about 8 minutes to evacuate.


  • The total area of the stadium's glazed facade is 14,283 sq.m.
  • 2,482 triple-pane glass units were used for glazing the stadium’s outer façade.
  • Over 16 thousand sq.m of vertical surfaces are made of glass, totaling 3,108 heavy-duty panes.
  • The underground height of the building is: parking lot area - 12m; dressing rooms - 8m, media space rooms - 4m.
  • Height from pitch level to the topmost roof point is 54m.
  • The total floor area of all the stadium's levels makes 83,823 sq.m.
  • 93% of stands are roof-covered, only 3,800 seats in the bottom tier are not covered.
  • 24 first-aid stations (18 permanent ones and 6 mobile ambulance groups).
  • 53 fast-food outlets, a fan cafe, 4 Silver bars, 3 restaurants (Diamond, Platinum, Gold), a media cafe and a lounge bar will satisfy any visitor's taste.
  • 2,000 lux is the lighting intensity, ensured by 272 high-precision targeting spotlights mounted along the perimeter of the stadium's roof.
  • 6,000 ports installed in the stadium for concurrent network connection.
  • The stadium's video monitoring system comprises 570 CCTV cameras.
  • 588 monitors installed throughout the stadium.
  • 92 sq.m is the display surface of each of the 2 giant LED screens.
  • 267m is the total length of the LED electronic advertising hoardings
  • The stadium's logo structure weighs 50 tons, it is 8m high and 14m wide.
  • 34 staircases availablethroughout the stadium space.
  • 11,978 is the total number of stairs at the stadium. The flights of stairs comprise 4,181 steps.
  • The shortest stairway includesonly 22 stairs (the sub-stand space on the arena’s western side). While the longest one is comprised of 240 steps (on the eastern side).
  • The longest stairs are nearly 50m-long.
  • 35 steps form each aisle in betweenneighbouring blocks.
  • 550 heaters aggregately radiate 22 MW of thermal energy.
  • Each heater weighs 49 kg.
  • The bowl is divided into 24 heated areas.
  • The prime cost of heating one spectator seat during the match is about UAH 1.
  • The system consumes some 2200-2300 cubic centimetres of gas per hour.


  • The pitch size is 105m х 68m.
  • The ground surface includes: natural grass - 7,992 sq.m, artificial turf - 1,877 sq.m.
  • 810 rolls of natural grass (each 10m long) were brought from Slovakia by 27 trucks.
  • 26 automatic sprinklers water the pitch.


  • 25 ha is the total area covered by the park area.
  • 13 ha is the total area of the green lawns in the park.
  • 77,000 plants grow in the park (281 trees and about 35,000 rose bushes).
  • 40.5 tons is the total weight of the fountain ball which is located at the south entrance (the ball alone weighs 28 tons (made of a single piece of granite) and the stand weighs another 12.5 tons).
  • 228 m3 of water circulates within the fountain cascades facing Chelyuskintsev St.
  • 15,000 m3 is the water volume in the south pond.

Donbass Arena’s ‘first timers’:

  • First match: 27/09/2009. Premier League. Matchday 8. Shakhtar 4-0 Obolon’.
  • First European cup match: 01/10/2009. UEFA Europa League. Group stage. Matchday 2. Shakhtar 4-1 Partizan.
  • First match by Ukrainian national team: 18/11/2009. The 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifier. Ukraine 0-1 Greece.
  • FC Shakhtar’s international friendly match: 27/07/2011. Shakhtar 1-1 Olympique Lyonnais.
  • First goal scored: 27/09/2009. Shakhtar 4-0 Obolon’. Penalty kick converted by Jadson (18’).
  • Hat trick: 22/09/2010. Shakhtar 6-0 Kryvbas. Luiz Adriano (65’, 67’ and 89’).
  • First goal scored in the UEFA Europa League: 01/10/2009. Shakhtar 4-1 Partizan. Own goal scored by Partizan’s Marko Lomic (24’).
  • First goal scored within UEFA Champions League: 15/09/2010. Shakhtar 1-0 Partizan. Darijo Srna (71’).
  • First red card: 28/10/2009. Ukrainian Cup quarter final. Shakhtar 2-0 Dynamo. Shown to Ognjen Vukojević (85’).
  • Substitution for Shakhtar: 27/09/2009. Shaktar 4-0 Obolon’. Oleksiy Polyansky replaced Tomas Hübschman (65’).
  • Stands heating system has been launched: 02/12/2011. Premier League. Matchday 19. Shakhtar 5-0 Arsenal.
  • Penalty shoot-out:27/06/2012. Euro 2012. Semi-final. Portugal 0-0 Spain (2-4 on pens).

All-time highs & records:

  • Highest attendance: 02/09/2012. Premier League. Matchday 8. Shakhtar 3-1 Dynamo. 53,423 spectators.
  • The Grand Show for celebrating FC Shakhtar's 75th Anniversary has broken the stadium's attendance record for mass events on 14/05/2011 with an impressive 53,353.
  • Highest score match: 05/10/2013, Premier League Matchday 12, Shakhtar 7-0 Arsenal.
  • Biggest win: 05/10/2013, Premier League Matchday 12, Shakhtar 7-0 Arsenal.
  • Top scorer: Luiz Adriano – 38 goals.
  • Fastest goal: 04/08/2013. Premier League. Matchday 4. Shakhtar 3-1 Dynamo. Darijo Srna’s early goal on 2 minutes.
  • Longest no-loss series: 35 matches.
  • Longest winning series: 20 matches.
  • Longest clean-sheet series: 916 minutes.
  • Longest goal-scoring series: 20 matches.

Statistics for the matches played by FC Shakhtar Donetsk at the Donbass Arena*

TournamentMatchesWinsDrawsLostGoals scored-conceded
Premier League726453187-29
Ukrainian Cup660017-3
European cups2097432-16

Goals in Shakhtar’s matches*

North stand goalSouth stand goal

* the data is quoted as of 03/05/2014.