Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia

“When visiting the stadium of FC Shakhtar in Donetsk, one discovers for themselves a special world, where sports, high technology, creativity and vivid imagination are all closely interwoven to create the perfect setting for human interaction.”

May 2011

František Laurinec

UEFA president's representative for UEFA EURO 2012

“It’s my first visit to Donetsk and to the stadium, I received a lot of positive information about the stadium and I can say that it was more and better than I expected. I can compare because I was a UEFA representative and delegate at numerous European stadiums, and also a FIFA representative in many stadiums worldwide... From this point of view, I’m sure that it’s one of the best stadiums in the world. What I can say more is that I wish success to your club, to your city, and I hope that all the fans which come to visit Donetsk during the UEFA EERO 2012 tournament will be happy and satisfied with the conditions. Once more, I take my hat off to the people who have constructed, prepared and who keep maintaining the stadium.”

March 2011

Igor’ Krutoy

composer, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, the People’s Artist of the RF, the author of the anthem of FC Shakhtar

“The Donbass Arena is very much like a brilliantly staged performance, and you get breathless with excitement every time you go there . It’s not just a stadium, one wonderful man has put all of his heart and soul into it to make this gift to all the fans of FC Shakhtar, as well as to the dwellers of Donetsk and the entire country .”

December 2010

Olivier Adam

UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine for the United Nations Development Programme

“I’m a football fan and I wanted to visit your new stadium a long time ago. The stadium is fantastic and I am very happy to be here!”

September 2010

Freddie Roach

World class boxing trainer

“I’ve been to many modern stadia, but this is the most impressive one I’ve seen! Great stadium, beautiful!”

August 2010

Gianni Infantino

UEFA General Secretary

“I think the stadium itself is ready to host European tournament matches even today or tomorrow, it’s certainly one of the most beautiful stadiums in Europe from what I‘ve seen, and I ‘ve seen a few. I think it’s really unique, …very modern and it was built from scratch, whilst many other stadiums have been rebuilt or refurbished. But here it’s new, it has its own I would say soul and its own structure – it says something. I am really impressed! I didn’t expect to see this.”

August 2010

Michel Platini

UEFA President

“From everything I have seen in Donetsk the Donbass Arena impressed me the most. I would like to congratulate the proprietors on this occasion. You have a magnificent stadium which will host the EURO 2012 semi-finals.”

April 2010

Potap (Alexei Potapenko)

Singer and music producer

“I have never been so close to the pitch, though I always dreamed of entering the pitch. Now, I do envy the people who play at this stadium since I am a former athlete, but after the visit, I realise that the Donbass Arena was built for people, the true football fans!”

April 2010

Nastia Kamenskikh

Singer and TV presenter

“I was present at the Grand Opening of the Donbass Arena. I was absolutely amazed by the show then, everything was sparkling and shimmering, it was so magnificent. I am really proud that my country has such a stadium. And now, when there is peace and quiet here, I can feel its grandeur even more!”

April 2010

Ravil’ Safiullin

Ukrainian Minister for Family, Youth and Sports

“In terms of its preparations for EURO 2012, Donetsk looks grand against other host cities. As to the Donbas Arena, I can tell you just one thing: I’ve been to many countries and I saw many stadiums. The Donbass Arena is very impressive!”

March 2010

Alexandre Luk’yanchenko

Mayor of Donetsk

“I would like to mention the convincing contribution of our fellow countryman Rinat Akhmetov, who has built the Donbass Arena, the pride of our region. Thanks largely to the outstanding football stadium, the city qualified for hosting EURO 2012.”

December 2009

Markiian Lubkivskiy

Tournament Director Ukraine

“The UEFA experts have been really impressed with what they saw during the stadium visit. In other words, it’s hard to find anything similar to the Donbass Arena anywhere else curently in Europe. They have even added another adjective to the stadium assessment terms – ‘ultimate’. I think that it is the best definition to describe the level of the facility and its functional readiness. That's the joint opinion of both UEFA representatives and the Ukrainian Organizing Committee.”

November 2009

Vlad Yama

Dancer, choreographer, Ballroom Dancing Ukrainian Cup winner, London Open winner

“The Donbass Arena is something phenomenal, I never visited stadiums of such high standards before. I am happy to have been taken on a tour here. I like so much to touch everything in the stadium: the turnstiles, the walls, the seats, the pitch. I can’t believe we are in Ukraine!”

November 2009

Valeriy Kharchishyn

musician, soloist of Druha Rika group

“The Donbass Arena is the first stadium that can be really called so. It impressed me a lot as we were approaching it, but even more so when we entered… Its dimensions are amazing… My jaw dropped and when I lifted up my head and realised that I was standing inside it, I could hardly remain in a standing position. And all this is in Ukraine.”

November 2009

Oleg Tabakov

theatre and cinema actor, People’s Artist of the USSR, member of the National Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences of the Russian Federation

“I have been the supporter of Spartak for a long time, I keep a wary eye on Ukrainian football events and know the Ukrainian line-ups quite well. You have an outstanding team, guys. And your Lucescu is an excellent geezer. As for the Donbass Arena… The impression is just great – this really has been done for folks. So that they could comfortably and joyfully take in the football action. In my opinion football is a very important and consolidating activity. Everything is convenient, practical here and, quite clearly, it adds up to the good job on the pitch.”

November 2009

Fozzi (Alexandr Sidorenko)

TNMK group (Tanok Na Maidani Konho - Dancing In Kongo Square), TV presenter

“We all visited the venue and we envy you your stadium because we have nothing like this in Kyiv. Here you feel like you can do anything: give concerts, watch matches, spend your free time, support your team and even live!”

November 2009

Martin Kallen

EURO Director

“A year ago many of my colleagues visited the Donbass Arena. If I compare a year ago with today it still gives a fantastic impression when you arrive, the stadium is so beautiful, so well designed and a lot of details were clearly thought about if you look at the entrances. Even looking at the details of the colours, and how the colors are taken from the club into the stadium, I think it’s something which is outstanding. And I think that’s a great achievement for the city, I am very happy to be here tonight.”

August 2009

Dima Bilan

singer, the 2008 Eurovision winner

“When I arrived to Donetsk, the first thing I heard was the words of admiration for those people who had built this! Since they have built the facility, which just drives you crazy, I would like to experience this stadium, for instance, to give a solo performance. I also want to congratulate everyone on the occasion that you now have a venue to host some massive events. I’d also like this day to be identified with positive emotions, success and, surely, with sports!”

August 2009

Nevio Scala

Coach of FC Shakhtar back in 2002, he was the first to lead the team to their winning the Ukrainian Premier League

“To put it in one word – magnificent! Indeed! I am confident that the Donbass Arena is one of the top world stadia. I am really impressed. I wish Shakhtar permanent wins on this pitch, so that this new stadium’s opening will herald the new era of big wins, triumphs and great achivements for the club and the squad!”

August 2009

Vladimir Logvinenko

Governor of Donetsk oblast’ (2006-2010)

“I am mad keen on playing football. In due course I even had a jersey with my very own number 5. I must say that I have been Shakhtar fan for ages, moreover, I am very passionate, and I try to hold back my emotions for obvious reasons. I visited the construction site a few times. I am filled with admiration for the stylishness of this building and… its complexity. I can appreciate that because I am an engineer too. At due time I offered the rector of Makiyivka Civil Construction Academy to bring students to this construction site since you couldn’t find a better location in Ukraine for illustrative teaching of the would-be professionals. The students who had seen with their own eyes how such structures ought to be built gained very precious experience.”

August 2009

Vitaliy Klichko

World Boxing Champion, Politician

“I can honestly say that I haven’t ever seen such a stadium. I am confident that it will host a lot of matches as well as EURO 2012.”

August 2009

Valentin Yudashkin

couturier, Honoured Arts Worker of the RF, full member of the Social Studies Academy, honourary member of the Russian Academy of Art, corresponding member of the French Chamber for Haute Couture and Prêt-a-Porter based in Paris

“This is probably the most high-tech venue in Ukraine currently available. I would like to also see the facilities inside it. In my opinion there are very few buildings like this in Europe.“

August 2009

Sergei Bubka

president of the Ukrainian National Olympic Committee

“This stadium is just one-off. Its opening is truly a landmark event for the entire Ukraine, let alone Donetsk. Now we have another reason to be proud of the city, the region, the country. I am very impressed by the show. Rinat Akhmetov has put his heart, soul and significant funding into it. This is a heroic deed in actual fact. I knew from the very first jump that top experts would be involved, hence, I expected the arena to become unique.”

August 2009

Viktor Gussev

sportscaster, First Channel (Russia)

“I was amazed to see how accurately the Italian professionals interpreted the assigned task. Ukrainian national and patriotic motives – I must say that all that brought tears to my eyes. The level of organization of the Donbass Arena’s Grand Opening can be compared with the Olympics opening or closing ceremony: everything is excellent and comprehensible. Moreover, to differ from the Olympics where some choreographical elements are understandable to only certain nations or communities, everything was easy to grasp here. In my opinion this makes all the difference. I didn’t expect the stadium to turn out to be so colossal. On a most conservative assessment the Donbass Arena ranks among the top five European stadia, and it can well be one of the top three on closer analysis. You can feel the unfeigned European style.”

August 2009

José Manuel Pinto Teixeira

the European Commission’s Ambassador to Ukraine

“Interestingly, you can enjoy a perfect view of the pitch from a stand, nor does it require any binoculars at all. FC Shakhtar Donetsk is my favourite Ukrainian team. I am confident in the team’s ability to continuously win here, in such a magnificent stadium. And I wish you, in all honesty, wins only!”

July 2009

Joan Laporta

president of FC Barcelona

“There must be special emotions in this stadium. I am hopeful that one day Barcelona will take on Shakhtar here for sure.”

July 2009